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For 25 years I've been a trusted industry leading authority, thought-leader, advisor, strategy consultant and educator, inspiring thousands of men and women around the globe to get unstuck, get empowered and completely transform their mindfulness, fitness, relationships and business, and live more purposeful and fulfilling lives. I authored the popular Get It Back series (10,000 sold). As your strategic partner, I always have your back!


My success rate is THE highest in the industry, because I truly care about and believe in my clients' dreams. I'm their #1 ally. I've counseled the biggest names in sports and entertainment. My high-performance, savvy clients live outside society's norms, and have included:
● Robert Redford, members of Journey and Santana, and the Star Wars trilogy producer
● Fortune 500 companies (Oracle & Gaiam) and executive teams, numerous billionaires, 1000's of business owners
● Olympic Medalists, Super Bowl Champions, Ironman Athletes, Navy Seals and Special Ops, Marines, SWAT teams and Fire Depts.
● Men's Tribes, entire families, from 5 years of age to famous World War II Pilots approaching 100!

"Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can." - John Wesley

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I pride myself on being an effective problem-solver and big visionary, the trusted source for helping leaders stop wasting time, stop lying, self-sabotaging with false beliefs. I will fiercely, relentlessly help you to confront your current reality head-on, get real, embrace and give intention to the facts of areas where you're stuck, shed the facade and share your full-truth and uncomfortableness, thus building long-term, genuine relationships. We will work closely together and in a motivational, non-judgmental, unbiased way consistently pushing and pulling you forward to become the best version of yourself. Because of going through my own pivotal dark night of the soul (a period of spiraling downward, monumental levels of hopelessness, fear and anxiety had overcome me triggered by the loss of my dad and a long-term relationship), it sent me on a quest to dig deep within, deep beneath my naivety, to learn everything I could to find the answers to the painful, difficult lessons and issues I was facing in my life. Only looking back now am I glad I got a second chance at life, removing what was holding me back, and I'm confident that I went through all these mistakes for an important reason. Now I can serve you at the highest level. I will humbly earn and win your trust every step of the way as we develop a professional relationship and friendship that you can count on.

I rekindle that fire inside and set your life ablaze as you reinvent yourself once again. I will utilize all my experience, necessary resources and commitment to excellence to teach and empower you with the simple secrets to success, the best routines, consistent daily disciplines and personal responsibilities, reasonable precautions and strategic solutions, those inspired by nature and backed by science to breakthrough where you are stuck and get the best possible results...results that you truly desire. I will go above and beyond to exceed all your expectations, and give you permission to cultivate greatness again with a sustainable healthier work-life balanced lifestyle! Success is often uncomfortable and bloody hard on your own. Why is it now or never for you to invest in your betterment, to fully commit your willingness to change what you're doing and get a new lease on life?

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My genius, subject matter expertise, emotional intelligence, specialized skill-set and strong intuition comes from honing my craft through immersive research in human development, epigenetics, kinesiology, exercise physiology, biology, bioenergetics, nutrigenomics, post-rehab, neuroscience, endocrinology, sports and evolutionary psychology, self-actualization, various meditations and philosophies. I've been studying everything related to relationships and dating communication skills, behavioral modification, NLP, DBT, trauma and men's work/issues (healthy masculinity empowerment, male hormonal health protocols for boosting peak testosterone levels), biohacking, project, task and time management, with the intention of optimizing productivity and increasing the quality of one's life.

I've been an ultra-fit, competitive multi-sport and endurance athlete (Death March Marathon, completed 4 x 14er's in 1/2 a day, Seal-fit training). I'm an NSCA certified strength and conditioning trainer, advanced-level detoxification and cellular regeneration and high-performance precision nutrition specialist, and I've even been a fitness model. As an executive and wellness coach, and serial entrepreneur with several start ups of my own (including: several fitness studios, an organic energy bar company and an auto detail business), and working in sales and account management for a very successful industry leading national digital marketing agency. I am more than equipped with the holistic background, a culmination of unmatched wisdom combined into a revolutionary approach with the fine attention to detail, the technical and creative skills that you need to succeed. I've intentionally dedicated my life with grit and steadfast conviction to exploring the genesis of disruptions, internalizing and embodying human growth potential. Expect no fluff or BS, to learn and integrate a lot in a very short period of time, and have a ton of fun throughout the process, doing life your way, your pace, your schedule, and on your monthly budget! What of you decide not to do anything? What is the cost of inaction? Can you afford not to do this?

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If you will admit that you let yourself go and now you need to clean up a big mess, I will give you a framework for finding greater clarity at this stage of your life and career and show you how to generate the energy you need to achieve great things. I will help you develop the psychological necessity and inner-strength so you stay motivated and on your A-game more often, and 20X your productivity. You will develop greater influence with those you lead and serve, because of feeling totally on fire and courageous with your commitment to self-mastery and long-term growth. Every day you have a choice to be average or extraordinary by consistently staying on track with high-performance behaviors that work to overcome the most difficult adversities and hardships, and common distractions. l will guide, supervise, coordinate and keep you focused on priorities and accountable every every week, every step of the way. If you're ready to take ownership of your life, own all aspects of yourself, I will ask the right questions to help you navigate life with your strengths, weaknesses, and unrelenting tenacity. The relevant training I provide you with will be your lifeblood and save you tens of thousands of dollars and hours in the future.

How amazing could your BEST LIFE look like if you didn't dabble and were able to stick with things long enough to take root?

How far off are YOU right now from seeing what you're truly made of?

Ready to ask for personalized, effective, EXPERT HELP to correct your mistakes and actually get there?

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Get FIT in ALL areas of your life, SIMULTANEOUSLY because they're ALL CONNECTED
...even if you feel only one or two areas need your attention or your life is a total disaster right now!


Master meditations that help you form a deep connection with yourself, your integrity and center. Relax into a new level of clarity, self-guidance, confidence and capacity to manage stress, as you level up all areas of your life.


Learn how your body works, how diet and strenuous exercise affect everything you do. Develop a sustainable daily practice that completely transforms and weaponizes your body, and increases your health, vitality and attractiveness.


Harness communication skills, and bring your best, most authentic interactions to those you care most for. Establish healthy boundaries and presence, and contribute in ways where everyone comes alive.


Define your values and create an evolving life purpose that's for the betterment of humanity. Give yourself a code to live by for a fulfilling life, to max daily productivity and your success status will skyrocket!



  • Receive a custom-program addressing your unique goals, needs, and lifestyle

  • Identify areas you're stuck, and set short and long-term goals

  • Define your values, align with your purpose, and let go of limitations for a thrilling life

Take control of your life and achieve your desired level of results

20X factor


  • Realize you're 20 times more capable and make your results predictable and repeatable

  • Unshackle yourself from being stuck in the past with new hope and encouragement

  • Unlock radical transformation when you get to work directly with your #1 asset

Dive deep in order to heal and summit seemingly impossible peaks

proven system


  • Utilize real turn-key strategies, clearly laid out, that have helped tens of thousands build better lives, and now you

  • Complete weekly modules that build toward your best life and sharing your greatest gifts

  • Take control of your time and your life, and improve your energy levels and productivity

Make progress in all areas of your life in a sustainable, structured platform that is soup to nuts


What is it costing you to NOT achieve your desired level of results? Are you smart, humble and committed enough to ask for the level of help you realistically need to get you to do the work, to stop wasting anymore time?


Glenn is THE man that will absolutely get you to do so much more than you would on your own.


I had many blocks to getting myself in shape, but with Glenn's skillful guidance, combined with his humor, warmth, persistence and wholistic mastery of fitness, business and life, I’ve enjoyed getting there, and quick!

shannon & StepH

Working with Glenn keeps us motivated, challenged and reaching beyond our own “edges.” We would highly recommend Glenn and his systematic methodology.

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The highest levels of performance come to people who are centered, intuitive, creative, and reflective - people who know to see a problem as an opportunity.
~ Deepak Chopra ~