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You're not alone in building the bridge to a better life. Stick to daily reinforcement training routines, leverage expert supervised guidance, team and cutting-edge technology, and multiply your results EVERY 90 Days!


Make every day, week, month and year your best ever—and a live a life to be remembered!
Our self-mastery system heals, restores and streamlines the 4 areas of an extraordinary life!


    Do you believe that everything you need will always be provided for? Do you have the desire to face your fears, let go of toxicity, stay out of ruts and feel more alive? Are you honoring yourself and in harmony with your highest possibilities? 
    Develop a refreshing, daily ritual meditation, prayer and journaling routine of self-inquiry and reflection, contemplative practices that help you to declutter and access your inner-wisdom and highest truth, and presence in each moment. Align with universal laws and embody profound principles that claim your full-power. Replace deep dwelling on inner-pain and feelings of not good enough or lovable with inner-peace, freedom and vibrancy. Rewire your psychological health and train your brain functioning and self-esteem, honing and fine-tuning your inner-experience and removing blocks, increasing your mental drive, capacity and emotional resilience. Emerge and evolve, live from your true nature and just be YOU!

    Develop an unbeatable mind by mastering your thoughts, holding a more optimistic, joyful, responsive state of mind, one that nourishes your soul and frees you from unnecessary distractions. Become the author of your positive new life-story you wish to create with a shedding a rebirth vs remaining a fed-up victim of historical painful circumstances. Lower stress and no longer let anxiety tip into depression, avoid cognitive decline and improve immune system, sleep cycles, and your attention and focus. Wouldn't it be great to feel on top of all this, most of the time?

  • FITness

    Do you want to stop self-sabotaging, reverse signs of aging and continue to be in the best possible shape, no more plateaus? If you could drop your excess weight, pile on lean muscle and dramatically increase your energy level, how much would you be willing to work to achieve this? Does your motivation last year-round or does it frequently fall-off?
    When you join our adult mens club you will radiate the healthiest, most self-motivated and inspired you! Champions need to constantly be rebuilding impressive, superhuman levels of strength, stamina, coordination and flexibility on a consistent daily basis. Take your all-training both indoors and outdoors with regular adventures and your level of results seriously by working out very intelligently. Rehab, prevent unnecessary injuries and declines for youthful aging. Eat smart with Macro-nutrient balance and consume superfoods with a strategy that helps you shop and prepare healthy foods and avoid unhealthy snacks with ease and convenience-on autopilot. Hydrate well. Build your best body ever with our Hard Core-Rip-Up and All-sport Athletic Conditioning programs. Become truly unrecognizable, Weaponize a strong immunity and shredded, anabolic physique, where you look and feel great, confident in your skin! Challenge yourself to train anywhere and at anytime. No excuses!

    Remove limitations and damaging choices that slow poison and dumb you down, cleanse, detoxify and eliminate, use corrective and functional exercise choices and see just what's possible. Follow our protocols and learn how your body works from the cellular level up and give it the greatest, most natural preventative medicine alternative for cellular regeneration. Titrate yourself off meds you don't want to be on forever, because you've changed the right behaviors. Replenish deficiencies, prevent dis-ease, obstructions and inflammation, heal and optimize hormonal, gut and even bowel movements, boost testosterone, thyroid and adrenal heath, and your immune system. Don't just ignorantly treat symptoms of poor conditioning, like lack of energy, brain fog, aches, rashes, bloating, constipation or diarrhea that leads to further signs of degeneration way before your time. You must re-prioritize right now correcting healthy body functions: digestion, absorption, utilization and elimination so you can regain your energy, vitality and vibrancy and live a dis-ease-free life, don't you think?

  • relationships

    Do you have plenty of amazing, reciprocal, nurturing and stable relationships that you can count on, that you feel absolutely loved and supported by the dynamics, boundaries honored, at play...and they feel the same about you?
    Strong leadership is essential in all our relationships as well as technical skills, patience, compassion, commitment and aspirations for excellence and reliability. Raise the bar and rise to the challenge. Audit your circle of friends and family, your attachments, compatibility, investments and agreements on a regular basis-real housekeeping. Build a strong social network for harmonious social ties as they are the primary predictor of your happiness and a long life. Revitalize your most important relationships before they grow resentful from letting unresolved issues pushed under the rug for a "better time" fester. Maintain sexual polarity and your sovereignty.

    Regain your innocence. Reignite that fire and make sure you are showing up, giving, prioritizing quality and fun time, loving, growing and contributing in dynamic, creative ways. Respect yourself and your values first and run your life your unique way, expressing your unlimited potential, unapologetically as you lean into the confronting conversations. If you're over-isolating, it's dangerous and you need to correct this, right? Don't you want to enjoy relationships that fulfill you because of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual intimacy shared?


    Do you have the conviction to manage your time and money well, be way more productive and do the right thing, always? If we could make sure that no matter what happens in life there will always be money to do the things that need to be done, more than double if not quadruple your income, would you continue to do your work because it's truly inspiring...OR do you actually dread aspects of it and feel trapped in meaningless monotony, tolerating bs and want out? Are you pursuing your passion in your dream career?
    It's time to get paid to do your artistry in the world, to turn your deepest passion into a career, to realize your full-potential if you've been putting this off. Own your most important asset, your time. Laser focus on stacking wins all day and as a high-achiever spend your time wisely by being well-prepared vs lazy and winging it. Don't squander time as you may be closer to your death than your birth. Solve the smallest things and inevitably all the BIG things will become small tasks to knock out as well. Live a legacy as a high-performer in your role and responsibilities, on your A-game, impeccably groomed well and sharpened for professional success vs just being a workaholic, a man about business without any key principles as a guiding light. Stop getting out of balance, grinding and being so "busy," and exhausted. It's critical that you make the world a better place with you in it, evolving with the times, being fiercely competitive and winning too.

    Never stop learning, observing, testing and revising as you build your empire. Capitalize on innovative technology, algorithms and surefire methods to track KPI's and ROI's, improve your daily operations and boost revenues and profitability margins and bottom line results. You must maintain a lifelong commitment to advancing your career and truly helping others get what they want and need on their journey to experience true abundance. Where are you at?

experience leaps in your Mindfulness, Fitness, Relationships & Business.

bob terwilliger

Glenn's focus and commitment to succeed in whatever he does are second to none. He attacks challenges assertively and validates his strategies.


Our experience has been challenging and rewarding. The results both physically and mentally have made a very positive difference in our lives.


The TRIBAL LIFE  community is an invaluable tool to short-circuit old habits and start more productive ones that lead to achieving success!"


This Year Join An Exclusive Community Of Elite-Men Executing Systems Of Excellence...On Auto-Pilot


MASTERY mentoring


  • Collaborate, set realistic goals based on lifestyle, then receive a custom program, holistic guidance and honest feedback reports throughout the highs and lows of life, helping you carry on

  • Identify where you're stuck, set short and long-term goals to accelerate and track real progress and get feedback without micromanaging

  • Let go of limitations, reframe, define your values and align with your purpose for a well-balanced, fulfilling life




  • Form powerful relationships, while reaching your full-potential through attending EPIC seasonal wilderness retreats at your edges and never get left behind again

  • Surround yourself with and bond with your brothers engaging in fun, educational and physical activities and personal growth adventures that take you places you've never been

  • Belong to a sharp crew whose high-standards challenge everyone to up their game and make their dreams a reality. It's not about you. It's about the person beside you.


proven system


  • Master your life with multiple disciplines inside an innovative daily practice that's helped so many build better lives

  • Complete incremental skill-based training modules that build your ideal life and share your greatest gifts

  • Transform your mind, body, and live a more productive, energetic and purposeful and fulfilling life



You have access to well-structured world-class resources to put key information into practice, scale up and succeed in all areas of your life (training, tools and support). Hold your commitments, check off your check lists, pass your progress quizzes, complete monthly milestone adventure challenges and holistic performance assessments and receive honest feedback with your strengths and areas needing improvement...all this while in connection with others working to live their best lives, and helping you live yours!

Ever paid for courses or programs thinking they will further your career or personal life, only to discover you feel disappointed shortly afterwards and find yourself tripping up with distractions that hinder your continued follow-through? If you're going to take the time to learn something new, to truly better yourself, you must change your limiting beliefs, remove, eliminate the distractions and replace them with investing in fresh, new daily disciplines and practices, AND do the real-work for at least a solid year to cement and own these new ways. The quick-fix sacrifice never, ever works! Why? THE CONSTRUCT. What you believe dictates your thoughts on a moment-by-moment basis. What you then experience is an emotion and that emotion controls the actions you do or do not take and therefore the level of results you end up with or without, which of course proves to you that the beliefs are real. There's always been a gap between what you know you should do and are capable of...and what you are actually willing to do. If you're afraid to go outside your box, it just means you're not stupid when you embark on new ventures. We're goin to teach you here the HOW TO LEARN ANYTHING power tool and integrate it into your life.

...with THE HARDEST, MOST REWARDING Weeks of your life! Once you clean-up your lifestyle of all the toxic bs, you'll start getting the results you've always wanted. If you have what it takes... you're no longer alone, you've come home to where the good guys gather up, better men work harder, smarter and do life with intention and thoughtfulness, together. We dig deep enough into things, push each other to identify blocks and overcome them. Expect to become your very best and realize your dreams with proven disciplines to adhere to. You'll inherit an even stronger work ethic, fascinating friends, high-caliber quality peers who constantly strive and inspire you to go BIG and make things happen, those who face challenges with courage and adventure, and always take care of what matters most. Feel well-resourced keeping company with those who give their very best, prove anything's possible, provide sound advice, solid networking and live by values and beliefs that morph everyone around them to drive improved results in all areas of their lives.  


STAGE 1 (4 weeks)


  • Take the smarter route, and experience serious results and continued growth year-round.

  • Track KPI's for your Mindfulness, Fitness, Relationships & Business and watch results stack-up like you've been reborn and polished.

  • Own a structured strategic life-management and support system that matches your style, and delivers the best scalable ROI in all the key areas of your life.

STAGE 2 (6 weeks)


  • Find your voice, believe in mind-blowing results, and step-up to a level that opens all possibilities.

  • Protect your peace of mind with daily Jedi meditations, journaling, diet & exercise, and focus on your spreadsheet yielding accelerated results for balancing business and personal life decisions.

  • Develop a deeper, more flexible relationship with yourself and others-the key to a fulfilling life.

STAGE 3 (3 weeks)


  • Test yours mojo with progressive overload of personal growth, athleticism and fasting, and stack shredded muscle and charisma.

  • The wisdom that is about to be imparted is going to take root and completely change the way you see and experience the world.

  • Educate and inspire yourself with the life-enhancing resources, stretch your comfort zone and open your heart to real-truth.



BOULDER & DENVER'S TROP Graduates, apply here to qualify and gain full-access to your Tribal Life Membership.
With your 1st 90-Day Quest achieve more than you would in a year on your own, and in a year what would take 5!
Your all-inclusive investment: $500-3000/month depending on the level of hand-holding and custom-additions.


"Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit."
~ Aristotle ~