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6-week TROP Reset Certification | live your best life



Wake up reinspired and empowered with integrative daily self-care that revitalizes your mindfulness, fitness, relationships and business, and have EVERYTHING in auto-pilot!

Get empowered with living a healthy, balanced life and improving your impact with your family, work and community!

core features



Simultaneously jump start a healthy, balanced and uplifting lifestyle, restore hope, passion and control, and rediscover yourself again!

A singular point of focus solution doesn't work. Imagine your life like a table. There's limited effectiveness in just tackling one area and letting any of the others go. If one leg goes out, your whole life can come crashing down.


    A neuropathway and mental health reboot of guided meditations, journaling and nature-based techniques interrupts negative thought patterns, reduces stress, deconstructs limiting false beliefs, improves executive functioning and mental clarity, confidence and fosters calm and control amidst a crisis or the chaos of work and personal lives. Develop greater personal responsibility, resilience, emotional regulation and stability, and brain function, how to tap into your heart's higher-intelligence ...everything necessary to stay level-headed and channel your energies into overcoming setbacks, turning things around, and making life more than just manageable. Process your anger in a way that serves you and others best and creates a more harmonious, higher path, one of forgiveness, hope and a new thriving life.

  • FITness

    Tune into your body and avoid common mistakes with smart functional movement exercise techniques, effective nutrition choices that impact both physical and mental health, built into convenient home cooked meals and getting proper rest. Learn fundamental skills and practices that detox, renew cellular function, elevate energy, performance and confidence, change your body composition by building muscle, burning fat in specific areas for an ideal physique only hitting work outs hard for 45 minutes 3 x's per week, thus recovering more efficiently. Transmute addictions, prevent and heal persistent injuries and accelerate recovery and increased mobility. Develop a fitness mastery mindset and mental toughness, strive and put your health and vitality in your control. You will also lower blood sugar levels, improve insulin sensitivity and lower resistance, lower cortisol levels, and significantly improve metabolic rate, heart health, along with a whole host of other benefits protecting you against chronic degenerative diseases and unwanted weight gain.

  • relationships

    Learn how to show up and create personal integrity and healthy boundaries with both men and women. Replace constant tension, heartache and shame with self-awareness, emotional intelligence, a sense of pride, hope, trust and respect. Embody empowered leadership, attuned and collaborative communication skills—essential in difficult moments—which allow you to bring your best to any situation and strengthen and receive the love, deeper connection and support you want from the people that mean the most (partners, friends, colleagues and family). This comes from shifting your focus on giving vs getting.


    No longer play small and finally step into your full power and potential. Define and own an inspiring life purpose and vision aligned with well-defined values and direction for a life that makes a difference. Learn time, money and people management skills, and get the knowledge and courage to recover capital and drive long-term success and career fulfillment.

MASTERY mentoring


  • Experience a new, student-centered model addressing your unique interests and lifestyle, that best fits your needs and wisdom, and you truly feel understood

  • Learn fundamentals, identify and transcend roadblocks, overcome dependencies, set short and long-term goals and monitor progress

  • Gain clarity in all areas of your life, and receive direction and encouragement to do the uncomfortable work and align with your values and a new inspiring and fulfilling life purpose, free of limiting beliefs

Work directly with your Mentor and a Team of Experts, all focused on improving your life, to accelerate growth and results and experience true work/life balance

TEAM-BASED support


  • Attend weekly meetups (optional) to build supportive relationships with a Tribe of growth-minded peers facing similar challenges and rigorous authenticity

  • Engage in fun and educational physical activities to foster a high level of transparency, accountability, rebuilding and growth, and to cultivate your power with others vs over them

  • Establish a level of self-respect and personal leadership you can only develop with the inspiration and support of your teammates, your brothers to be your true self and to strive and achieve your goals

We take care of our people. Experience the power of community, partnership and collaboration to help face life's challenges head on. Together, we pull our collective resources and are unstoppable!

proven system


  • Take advantage of a structured online plug-n-play curriculum with holistic methods that have helped many before you switch gears, get unstuck, get empowered, and create more inspiring lives and freedom, like never before

  • Complete weekly multi-disciplinary educational modules that build toward your best life and sharing your greatest gifts, and continue to keep you proactive remeasuring both qualitative and quantitative data that demonstrates you're on track and hitting your goals ahead of realistic set deadlines, and experiencing real-results

  • Simplify your on-the-go day, own your self-care routine that doesn't consume all your time, take control of your time, improve your productivity and live in a more resourceful way that eliminates overwhelm with a practical framework for restoring balance to your life

Follow a flexible and custom-tailored, evidence-based and cutting edge path to improve self-reliance and level up 1, 2, 3 or ALL 4 key areas of your life.



  • Increase your masculinity, your embodiment, groundedness, wildness and power in life. Learn powerful dating skills and how to create and sustain attraction with your partner so you transform your love life. Build amazing relationships by being more "manly," vs an untrustworthy "nice guy," and create an attractive tension, healthy boundaries, improve your sex drive and stamina. Stop losing yourself in relationships and end toxic ones, shameful behaviors, porn, drug and alcohol addictions, and any environments, depleting your vital energy. Engage in physical, mental and emotional activities in the wild that engage and expand your manhood possibilities.

  • Transition from KETO, PALEO and PRIMAL diets where you only experience short-term results followed by a fully sustainable way of eating that works for you, that's inspired by nature and backed by science to boost testosterone and libido and general male health, turn around adrenal fatigue, an under active thyroid and a depleted central nervous system from chronically elevated cortisol levels. Yes, genetics and environmental factors play a significant role in well-being. Also, the foods and non-foods we choose to eat and drink regulate our mental health (such as our thoughts, emotions and moods). Eating a well-balanced diet will lead to feelings of wellbeing and lower stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression. Most of serotonin is not produced in our brain, but in our gastrointestinal track. Therefore, it requires the good bacteria from our intestinal microbiome to function properly. When we eat foods that are full of nutrients, we help our body fight inflammation (oxidative stress that ages and kills off our cells) and protect our minds, we balance our hormonal eco-system. However, when we make poor dietary choices, we develop bad bacteria that damages our digestive track and prevents the regulation of serotonin between the gut and the brain, and our ability to stay lean and curb cravings. Individuals who take probiotics supplements that add healthy bacteria to our gut flora, see that “their anxiety levels, perception of stress, and mental outlook improve. Ready to dump some items from your diet that MUST GO?

  • Achieve optimal hormonal balance through a powerful adaptable pattern of behavior of intermittent fasting that is surefire to work (not eating outside of feeding window), and correcting micro-nutrient deficiencies and ridding the body of toxins. Learn how to track KPI's from blood and hair analysis and daily energy expenditures and food trackers (a crystal-clear picture of the nutrients you consume, calories, macronutrients, vitamins and minerals), and read labels and eliminate the list of harmful food allergies and sensitivities, and estrogen dominance producing and self-care and household products that are wreaking havoc on your health in a sneaky way. Replace them with a style of eating rich in micro-nutrient density and delicious whole foods, tailored for ideal macro balance ratio's and timing, and minimal supplements for vital organ health (thyroid, gut, etc). Drastically reduce your exposure to environmental stressors, toxicity and technology, fix poor sleep patterns once and for all and wake up feeling refreshed and inspired, get off meds, and reducing any self-soothing tendencies used for distractions that are getting in your way of making real progress.

Integrate researched-backed methods for engineering Healthy Masculinity and Peak Male Vitality. If we can't measure it, we don't do it here!


Is this thought familiar? It can unexpectedly show up at some point in life after you have gained 30 pounds, realized your relationships aren’t fulfilling, or are struggling to get out of bed because your work isn't tolerable. Your life may look good on paper, but are you just going through the motions? There’s just no joy or inspiration? Don't waste another day! This is your calling to cast off your old self and be more, to begin anew with a clearly defined, integrative path that's uniquely yours, and that works! Become a proud TROP Graduate, and become greater than the game of life! We are excited to be on this amazing life journey with you.

Issues You May Be Experiencing
As men, when our health is less than optimal, we can experience a variety of symptoms. Many of these are typically associated with low testosterone levels.

*Inability to lose belly fat and gain lean muscle mass, gynecomastia
*Lack of motivation/low feelings of well being and lack of confidence
*Lack of sexual attraction, drive and erectile dysfunction
*Decreased productivity/inability to complete tasks
*Poor relationship satisfaction




We saw improvement in all areas of our lives. More connected relationships with our wives, more proactive with business challenges, lifted heavier weights than we have in years and seeing the value of daily meditation. TL creates connection and accountability with like men who have your best interest at heart. Glenn's challenged us to push our limits and achieve results we never thought we could achieve. He's very committed to success and pushes those around him to live up to their full potential.

martin newark

This program's been instrumental in my getting back in shape physically, mentally and in my business. My motivation and confidence are higher, and great things are happening in my life I didn't imagine.


Being an elite athlete I've worked with many coaches over the years, some good and some bad. Coach Glenn pushed and pulled me way out of my comfort zone and delivered the results I wanted, and was promised. 

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